We Are Moving to Palm Bay!

I am so very excited to announce to you all that we are moving our facility to Palm Bay, Florida. While we will miss the great pet owners of Rockledge, some of who have become great friends, It is time for us to grow and this means a big move.

Our new facility is located in the heart of Palm Bay in a beautiful plaza called the Jupiter Center near the corner of Jupiter Blvd and Emerson Road intersection (right behind the Circle K there). We are currently taking the month of November to break down the Rockledge facility and get everything ready at the new location for business to start back up in December 2021.

What does this move mean for you? Well, we have so many new ideas in the works that my brain is bursting! The first of which… I am so happy to have our full photo studio up and running first thing!! This will be Brevard County’s ONLY photography studio dedicated solely to pet photography. We will be offering both Mini sessions and full 1-hour sessions at our studio, as well as location shoots at the area of your choice.

In addition to our usual class offerings, we will be bringing a whole new series of classes we call our “Sniff It Out” series. These will be shorter 4-week session group classes that delve into a variety of different dog sports and canine enrichment activities including such areas as canine freestyle, nosework, grooming/veterinary handling, stunt dog trials and so much more! These classes will be short introductions to new areas of your dog trainig journey… just enough to get your feet wet!

We are also very excited to add a new course in 2022 that will grow off of our various Trick Classes and get your dog into Animal Acting! The new course will get your dog trained, certified and listed with animal talent agencies. It will prepare you with the socialization and set skills your dog needs to make it on screen. (This program is still in development with the governing body, Do More With Your Dog program, and is set to be released in January of 2022)

So as you can see, there is already a ton in the works as we move and grow. Stay tuned in to this blog post, as I will be adding updates along the way as new information arises. I can’t wait to see you all again soon and make a new family of doggie friends in Palm Bay!

11-8-2021 Update: You can now access dates to set up Photo Sessions at our new Palm Bay location! To be one of the firsts to take advantage of our great new studio, visit our website SHOP and get started now!

11-12-2021 Update: We are no longer taking appoinments at our Rockledge location, as we are in the process of moving items and dissmantling all things at this location. Any new classes or shoots you enroll in will be scheduled for after Thanksgiving week and at our new location in Palm Bay. Be sure to get in on the ground floor and schedule your appointments now before they book up! Currently, only photo studio sessions, virtual classes and private consultations are listed in the website SHOP.

11-19-2021 Update: A small cog has been stuck in our wheel! Unfortunately, it seems we have to rewrite zoning laws in Palm Bay to offer our full selection of training classes at our new location. While I am very sad that a simple textual amendment must hold us back from offering everything right away, we have to follow the rules. The City Hall meeting will not be held until the first week in January, so we will have more info for you all after that time. Until then, our photo studio is already in full swing as well as our virtual class options are currently in the process of being added. Please contact us if you are in need of any private consultations during this time as well. Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting us during this time.

1-5-2022 Update: Tonight we had the Planning and Zoning Council Meeting with the City of Palm Bay. Everything went through without a hitch and the council approved our zoning textual amendment change to allow our dog training facility in what is designated as a neighborhood commercial area. WOOHOO!! This means full speed ahead and back to business as usual.

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