So do you want to have the most talented pup on the block?

Maybe you are trying to sharpen some obedience or dog sporting skills?

Or maybe you have aspirations of owning the next Canine Star!

Then definitely check out the AMAZING fun we have here at Rockin’ Dawgs Trick Training Classes!!

Kim Mayes, owner of Rockin’ Dawgs training facility, is a world champion trick dog trainer, and believes that tricks and games should be incorporated in to all types and levels of dog training. Our extensive trick training program at Rockin’ Dawgs allows you to not only learn trick skills that will aid you in Obedience training, Agility, Freestyle, NoseWork, Balance/Coordination, Assistance Animal training, Animal Acting  and much more, but our program also allows you to earn titles! You can earn your Novice title all the way through to your Champion title here at Rockin’ Dawgs and to make things even easier for you, join one of our SPARK teams on Facebook, where you will be able to get weekly advice, videos to learn different tricks to help you towards your title goal, and better yet…it’s FREE to join!

Trick classes are great for any age dog, so whether you have a brand new puppy who’s never even taken a Puppy Obedience class before to a senior dog or a special needs pooch…trick training strengthens a dog’s ability to think outside the box, try new behaviors and most importantly it is a great learning and bonding experience for both animal and handler.

The following is a list of the different Facebook groups we have dedicated to the different SPARK Teams we offer. Once you have completed one level and earned your title, you will be able to go on to the next!

Facebook Links

Rockin’ Dawgs Novice Spark Team!
This is where it all starts! Learn fun tricks such as Go To Your Mark, Close A Door, Stay, Spin, The Muffin Tin Game, Figure 8’s and many more! Complete 15 tricks in our 4 week online program and earn your Novice Trick Dog Title and the initials (NTD) after your pup’s name!!

Rockin’ Dawgs Intermediate Spark Team
Once you have achieved your Novice Trick Dog title, join our Intermediate group! You will learn awesome tricks such as Open A Door, Baton Jumping, Discerning Object Names, hold an Item in your mouth, Soccer, Barrel Racing and many more!

Complete 12 new tricks and earn your Intermediate title!

Rockin’ Dawgs Advanced Spark Team!
Did you achieve your Intermediate title? Then it’s time to move on to the big leagues now! Complete 5 Advanced level tricks and you can earn your next title!
Choose from super fun tricks like Play The Piano, Say Your Prayers, Wipe Your Paws, Bring Me A Tissue, Distance Work, and a whole lot more!

Rockin’ Dawgs Expert Spark Team!

5 more tricks will get you towards your goal of EXPERT trick dog. In this level you will learn more tricks that require chaining of commands so you ask your dog to do one task and they must do multiple commands to achieve this. Examples in this class are The MoonWalk, Cover Your Eyes, Get A Drink From The Fridge, Advanced Skateboarding, Barrel Roll, and many more!

Rockin’ Dawgs Champion Spark Team!

This is it! If you’ve made it this far Congratulations are in order. It is an amazing journey until this point and now it’s time to take all that hard work and go for the gold! The Champion title combines all levels of tricks and all different parts of the trick training process including balance/coordination, nose targeting, paw targeting, mouth targeting, scent work, distance work, silent commands, chaining commands and expert level tricks. We will help you every step of the way…so go for it!