Saving Your Photos Through Photo Editing

Sometimes we have that favorite photo that we just love, but there is just something we want to save about it.

Maybe it’s too busy in the background? Once I took a lovely picture of my friends on a water ride, only to find an old pot-bellied man in a speedo walking right in the background behind the shot, haha!

Maybe it’s way too underexposed and we think it should just end up in the trash. Maybe we want something removed from the shot. You don’t want some trash on the ground next to your beautifully posing dog, or that leash and collar just need to be removed to complete the total picture you wanted.

Or maybe we just need some lighting or clarity type changes…remove some harsh shadows, brighten the subject to make them really pop, or change the mood of a picture just by some simple color changes.

These are just a few of the things we can do, through the magic of our photo editing service!

Below are some examples of some photos that needed a little fixing…

If you have a photo that you would like me to try and work some magic on, get started by visiting our website shop and taking advantage of our editing service to help you preserve your photos.

Click HERE to go to our Photo Editing page.

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