Rockin’ Dawgs and COVID-19

8-9-2021 Update:
Due to the recent influx of new Covid-19 cases in our state, we have reinstated our mandatory use of face masks for anyone attending any of the training classes here at Rockin’ Dawgs.

4-24-2021 Update:

It has been over a year now of dealing with Covid-19 and the world is slowly starting to get back to a new norm. As more and more people are starting to have access to the vaccines, we have decided to open up our group classes to have up to 2 handlers per dog in class (prior to this date we were only allowing one, to limit the amount of people in the building at one time). All attendees are still required to wear a mask during training.

6-30-2020 Update:

While we currently are still scheduling group and private in-person sessions, we are closely watching the spikes in Covid-19 numbers. If at some point it becomes necessary to stop any in-person meetings again due to this coronavirus, we are fully set up to switch all classes over to our virtual platform via Skype immediately without skipping a beat. To ensure businesses can continue to keep their doors open to the public, please be safe and follow ALL safety guidelines.

Also, as a reminder, all people are required to wear masks when coming to class, adhere to social distancing guidelines and ONLY 1 handler per dog may be in attendance (sorry, no family events for classes these days). If you prefer to have the whole family involved, we greatly suggest taking one of our virtual training classes, which have been a fantastic outlet for our families at this time. Thank you all!

5-18-2020 Update:

We are happy to say that starting in June we will be offering both group and private lessons at our facility again! Group class times have already been added to our website shop. We recommend enrolling well in advance of the start date, as our class sizes will be very limited to adhere to safety guidelines.

Upon returning to classes, we will require all attendees to wear face masks when coming to class.We will also be limiting attendees to one handler only at this time so we have a limited amount of people in the building at any one time. We also recommend having your own supply of hand sanitizer and/or cleaning wipes with you when you come to class and we do expect attendees to adhere to the 6 foot rule. Please continue to exercise caution and if you have put yourself at risk of coming in contact with the virus or are feeling under the weather DO NOT ATTEND CLASS!

All classes will continue to be offered virtually if you cannot attend or still plan on playing it safe and staying home a while longer.

4-1-2020 Update:

The Governor is due to put out the order today to close all non-essential businesses. Because of this, all group and private lessons will now be taught virtually, effective 4-2-2020 and until further notice.

3-27-2020 Update:

Currently, all classes are scheduled as normal. We are planning on adding even more virtual classes this week.

We do ask that if you are trying to contact us right now that you do so through email at since we are out of the office more than usual at this time. Email is the quickest way to reach us at any hour if we are not at the facility.

3-21-2020 Update:

All current students do have the option to join their class via Skype at this time or join a class later in the year. Please contact us via email if you need to make changes.

In the event that the Governor decides to close all non-essential businesses (or something else catastrophic happens in Brevard), we will at that time switch all group and private lessons to the virtual platform… so don’t worry, I’m going to be here to help you guys no matter what, even if it’s from my living room couch drinking some coffee!!

3-19-2020 Update:

While we are still holding and scheduling group classes, we do ask that only handlers attend class to minimize the amount of people in the building at any time. People from high risk categories such as elderly and children should stay home.

Please contact us if you are currently already enrolled in a class but would prefer to join us via Skype instead so we can make sure we have your information to get you set up for class.


While we are implementing increased sanitizing procedures at our Rockin’ Dawgs training facility, as of now all classes are being scheduled as normal.
Since group classes are limited in size to only 5-6 dogs max we have adequate space and abilities for you to work your dogs without making contact with others. However, we do of course ask that if you are feeling sick or feel you have come in contact with the virus, that you do not attend until you have implemented a self-quarantine.
We do always offer private lessons and virtual training classes via Skype for alternative options.
We want you all to be happy and safe as we see how this thing moves through and I will be sure to update you on any changes that might occur along the way.

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