Play Biting Seminar


This Play Biting Seminar helps will help you get through those tough months of mouthiness!



Join us for our next Play Biting Seminar!

Seminar length: 1 hour

For many young puppies and adolescent dogs, mouthiness is just par for the course in their developmental months. It typically stems from a lot of excessive, pent up energy. Lovingly referred to as play biting, this common behavioral issue can draw blood and get quite rough and if you have certain breeds of dogs that are bred to use their mouth for work, such as retrievers for instance, a puppy can seem like they are getting completely out of control with the issue.

This 1 hour workshop goes over how you should handle the biting when it occurs to ensure you do not excite and entice the problem more, impulse control games to help your puppy learn how to settle down quickly as well as get the energy out when needed and more! We hope you will join us for this fun and informative workshop!

We do recommend you bring training treats as well as a favorite tug or play toy to this workshop.

Important Note: All dogs must be up-to-date and show proof of vaccines and/or titers including Rabies (if they are old enough). Before attending this workshop, you must complete and return our enrollment form. Enrollment in class is not complete until we have received both your enrollment form and your payment. If you have any Questions, please contact us at (321) 338-7722.


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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020 at 7:00pm


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