Platform Training Workshop


Learn how to use platform training to help you strengthen obedience skills, manage unwanted household behaviors and more!


This is a 1 hour workshop.

Do you ever wonder how they get all those lions in the circus to stay in the same ring together without going after each other? Or how dog performance teams can have 10 dogs on a stage and they aren’t running all over the place?

With Platform Training, of course! Platform training helps your dog deal with stimulus control and can help you in your daily training with anything from basic commands to dog sports.

In this seminar you will learn:

-How to “magnetize” your platform/pedestal,

-Using platform/pedestal training to strengthen your obedience commands,

-Applying platform work to common behavioral problems in the home,

-Going beyond the basics…applying platform training to dog performance skills.


**All dogs who attend must show proof of current vaccines before they will be allowed into the seminar.

Important Note: Before attending your first training class, you must complete and return our enrollment form. Enrollment in class is not complete until we have received both your enrollment form and your payment. If you have any Questions, please contact us at (321) 338-7722.


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