Bring your dog in for one of our Mini Photo Sessions and get some beautiful digital photography of your pet.

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Rockin’ Dawgs Photo Studio Mini Sessions!

Enjoy beautiful digital photographs of your pet from our wonderful photography studio by taking part in our photo Mini Sessions!

The $20 Fee is a non-refundable booking fee to save your appointment time for your session. The total cost for your session is $50 with the balance of $30 being due on or before your appoinment date.

Once we have received your payment, the photographer (Kim Mayes), will send you a welcome email within 24 hours to schedule your appointment or you can contact us ahead of time to do so by emailing TrickDogTrainer@gmail.com or by phone at (321) 209-4880. You will also receive our contract agreement during this time that you will need to sign.**

Your session includes:

-20 minutes of session time with the photographer at our photo studio

-2 poses of high resolution digital photographs of your choice which will be sent to you in an online photo gallery

-1 backdrop (an additional backdrop can be added for a $15 fee)

(you will also have the choice to add extra poses of your digital photography and also printing choices at cost if you choose you would like more stuff after your session!)

Once your retainer fee has been paid and your appoinment date is set, the fun begins!

We ask that you fill out our Pre-Shoot Questionnaire prior to your photo session so we can learn about your pet and your expectations for your shoot.

**Be sure to put in your correct email address when signing up, as all communications and photographs will be sent to you this way. 

Once your photo session is complete, allow 7-14 days until your photographer processes your photos and sends you the link to your choosing gallery. Once photos are chosen it could take up to an additional 2 weeks to send you the completed, fully edited photos.

We look forward to capturing some beautiful portraits of your pet!






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