Obedience Challenges Class


Our Obedience Challenges class takes training further, adding more difficult situations to your training and making your dog even more responsive to you.



Also known as our Intermediate class, the Obedience Challenges class is a 6-week class for dogs that have graduated either a Puppy Foundations or Basic Obedience Class.

In our Puppy Foundations and Basic Obedience classes, you are essentially teaching your dog how to learn. We teach both of you what cues are. Then we teach you how to practice relaying the cues and information to them. The next step, our Obedience Challenges class, will start “upping the ante,” as they say. We will be adding more difficult situations to your training and your dog will be even more responsive in public situations.

Addressing Common Obedience Challenges

There are many challenges to training a dog. Some of those challenges are external and some come from us. Keeping your dog focused and helping them learn how to pay attention when challenges arise are key to having a well trained dog. Distance and distractions can cause attention to drift. The way you give your commands and speed that you give them can cause your dog to be unsure.  These, and a thousand other things, can make your consistency and timing very difficult. In this class you will learn how to build up that training toolbox so your communication is much smoother and add all the difficulties, as well as much more structure, to your obedience cues.

Through a variety of fun games and practices, this class will teach you how to not only build, but maintain that focus at a distance and during distractions. We will also teach you how to improve the speed or latency and precision of their responses to each cue you give.

Important Note: All dogs must be up-to-date and show proof of vaccines and/or titers including Rabies if you are attending class at our facility. Before attending your first training class, you must complete and return our enrollment form. Enrollment in class is not complete until we have received your enrollment form , payment and vaccination records. If you have any Questions, please contact us at (321) 209-4880.

**Also, please make sure you sign up with a valid email address, as we will send you a welcome email within 24 hours of your online enrollment to any of our classes.


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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022 at 6:00pm


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