Need to book us for an animal event you are planning? Book your spot now and take advantage of discounted rates!


Do you have a dog event coming up that you would like a photographer at?

We offer discounted prices to our clients that are in need of a pet photographer for 4 hours or more.

*This $100 fee is for booking the event and saving your day(s). Please contact us with the specifics of your event and how many hours you are in need of your photographer so we can supply you with the balance of your event booking.

Dog/horse sports, charity events, pet competitions and parties of any kind…we’ve got your back!

**We are always happy to provide services for rescue organizations to help save the lives of homeless animals. If you are a rescue and are wanting our services to help raise funds for your organization, please contact us directly at 321-209-4880 or email us at RockinDawgsLLC@gmail.com for special offers.


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