The Art of Photo Editing

Photo editing.
As any professional photographer knows, learning how to be effective in your photo editing skills is an integral part of being a photographer. Even the best photographers in the world use photo editing to make a shot have that wow factor. Maybe you aren’t shooting in ideal conditions, your composition or framing isn’t the best, there are distractions around your subject… whatever the reason, these can all be helped with the magic of editing software.
One thing I love about photo editing is that the artist can have many different approaches and it shows the uniqueness of the individual developing the photo.
Photo editing is a very diverse skill and even though I edit MANY photos a month, I am always keen on learning new skills, as there is soooo much to learn. It really never ends!
This photo above was part of a wonderful program done by Unleashed Education for their Monthly “Edit My Photo” challenge. Taken by Craig Turner-Bullock, an absolutely AMAZING award winning photographer.
I love trying these challenges because it gives me an opportunity to hone my skills in different areas of my editing each month. For this one, Craig wanted some focus on cropping, bringing out the details in the golden’s hair so areas didn’t get blown out and giving the photo an autumn feel, as that it when it was taken.
This is my interpretation of editing on this photo. What do you think?
For my process I always start in Lightroom and then finish up in Photoshop. I would say 80% or more of this photo was edited in Lightroom, with really just leash/hand removal and a little spot cleaning done in Photoshop.