Sunsets and Dogs

Sunsets and Dogs…is there really anything better! Two beautiful things colliding in nature. Now these are the things that make for beautiful photographs.

As I’m sure you’ve ascertained through viewing some of my photos, I love bringing the beautiful backdrop of a sky to pet photography. On any given day the sky, the clouds, the colors are all so unique and so is your pet. With a beautiful sky portrait, you have a one-of-a-kind photo that is special to you and your memories. No one else will ever have the same.

One thing I absolutely love about taking these kinds of photographs too, is that I get to find these really hidden gems around me that are absolutely wonderful. Sometimes it’s a pretty little area park, or sometimes a tucked away little trail. It can be as simple as a beautiful tree or landscaping that I never would have known was there. Whatever it is, I get the chance to see and show the uniqueness of a dog and also the environment we are in at the same time. How cool is that!

Now, let me talk about this awesome photo. This was taken on an amazing photo shoot I had with Standard Poodle, Kilala. As you can tell, she’s not your typical looking poodle! Kilala’s mom is a competitive groomer and she was an absolute rock star when it came to being photographed.

We took this photo at a local park (Wickham Park) just as the sun was beginning to dip down below the trees. I felt it was only fitting to show some of those dramatic sky colors to match all those dramatic colors on Kilala’s coat. A good angle for the lighting and just the right perspective and this turned out to be a stunning shot.

Maybe I’ll see your dog in front of the next sunset!

Photo Specs:



1/250 sec

125 ISO