A lot of times people think we just photograph dogs, but I have photographed many different types of critters over the years, including lots of kitties!

This is Skittles! A bit of a marshmallow really, but I love this photo because I feel it captures his inner tiger! These half face shots are really eye-catching when displayed on a wall. They look great as color or in black in white, but this one just had to be in full color to capture those beautiful eyes and markings.

Believe it or not, this photo was taken in the owners home while Skittles just laid in a favorite comfy chair on their porch. I was able to use the natural light of the day and just let Skittles be his lazy cat self.

Through the magic of editing we created that half-tone effect.

Here are the specifics of this photo:

Canon EOS RP/24-105mm lens



1/250 sec

200 ISO