Simplicity in Photos

Often times, what makes a great photo is not the complexity of the image, but rather the simplicity of it all. A great photo evokes thought and emotion even if it is the most simple of images. What thoughts and feelings come to mind when you look at this photo? What words enter your head just upon looking at it? For me, it is words like love, sweet, tender, delicate and elegant that come to mind. For the next person it might speak completely different words. That is what makes the difference between just a photo and a piece of art.

This photo of my own dog Spirit was simple from the moment I took it. No, I didn’t have her set up in my fancy studio, with every piece of expensive equipment set up around her. I didn’t use a $6000 camera to capture the moment. This photo was taken in the spare bedroom of my house. I tacked a simple black sheet against my wall. For lighting, I used one small continuous light and a speedlight flash on my camera. The rose was a dollar store purchase. And a quick tip…I used a little coconut oil (one of Spirit’s favorites) on the rose petals, to capture those licks!

Taking photos is not about having all the newest gadgets and fanciest equipment. Those things might make capturing a great photo easier, but the gift of great photos comes from the photographer, or should I say artist, taking those photos. A photographer has a vision. A thought process of what feelings they want to evoke when taking a photo.

So the next time you click your next picture, think about what thoughts, feelings or meanings you want to bring to light with it. Just giving it a little thought, can really take your photos to the next level!

Settings for this photo: Canon RP 24-105mm lens, 25mm, F4.5, 1/200 sec, 200 ISO