Treat Catching is really an art form and this dog does it like a pro! I can launch a ton of treats and he can nab them almost every time.

Rocket is a 5 yr old Husky/Malamute mix and one of my very own fur kids! I love the detail of his spit lines and froth, that beady little eye towards his target and all the captures in this photo that are important in any action shot.

This photo was taken in the comfort of my home, along a plain wall, with just my Speedlight flash and an extra hooded light for a little added light since it was taken late at night. It just goes to show that amazing shots can be taken in any environment. It is the skill of your photographer that makes all the difference.

Here are the specifics for this photo:

Canon EOS RP/24-105mm lens



1/200 sec

1250 ISO