Poocharella Panorama

This is a favorite panorama I did earlier this year for a huge dog event called Poocharella put on by the Touch of Grey rescue at Wickham Park in Melbourne, FL. The event was GIANT. There were tons of vendors and events, dogs EVERYWHERE and it was a beautiful day. They estimated as many as 2,000-2,500 people in attendance!

This shot was taken across the lake from the event, to capture the entirety of it all. It is quite complex and is actually a composite of 10 separate photos stitched together to create this massive panorama. I even had to crop the image a little so you could view it on this website! I love the beautiful sky over top and the how you can see the detail of the people and dogs walking and playing down below, enjoying a wonderful dog day!

Panoramas can be smaller than this doozy, but are great if you are wanting to fill a big or long wall in your home or business.

Here are some specifics of this photo:

Canon EOS RP/24-105mm lens



1/125 sec

100 ISO