Double Exposures!

One of the things I love to work on is the various types of digital art that can be done with all your wonderful photos. The process of double exposures is the art of combining 2 photos into one image. It originated many years ago when photographers would do this with film cameras and now it has become a creative outlet for many digital photographers around the world… like me!

There are so many amazing things you can do and it really is a unique way of presenting your photos in a very artistic way. These types of double exposures look absolutely fabulous framed and hung up for all the world to see. They really suck the onlooker in because the human eye just can’t take everything in all at once.

This image I did of Rocket is actually a combination of 3 different photos. His side profile, a picture of him running across my backyard and a wintery, wooded landscape (which we just had to choose because God knows we don’t see any scenery like that here in Florida!) It is a creative juggle of matching lines, colors and flow, but when it all comes together it can be mesmerizing.

I hope you enjoy and I will be sure to share more artwork with you all in the future!