Simplicity in Photos

Often times, what makes a great photo is not the complexity of the image, but rather the simplicity of it all. A great photo evokes thought and emotion even if it is the most simple of images. What thoughts and feelings come to mind when you look at this photo? What words enter your head […]


Meet Rizza! A beautiful young Belgian Malinois that I had the pleasure of capturing some amazing photos of. I particularly love doing classic portraits of dogs on dark backgrounds like this and using the power of light to emphasize the elegance of our dogs. This portrait of Rizza did not dissappoint and really highlighted those […]

Celebration of Life

Beautiful moments in beautiful places really capture the relationship between a dog and their people.


It was really fun and quite simple to capture this kitties inner lion!


Treat catching really is an art form, and this dog does it like a pro!


A beautiful bokeh and simple lighting really capture a vintage style look to this photograph.