Now Offering an Online Obedience Course!

I am very excited to announce that we have teamed up with the online giant Udemy, and will now be offering a Force-Free Basic Obedience Class as an online course!

For years, students have been asking me to compile some of our many training videos into some type of easy to access source and it has taken me a while to find just the right platform, but now it’s real and it’s ready for you!

The course is going to be great for anyone that doesn’t have access to a trainer in their area, people that can’t make it to a training class for whatever reason or even for students that just want to have the added availability of all the training videos at their fingertips. And even better, we can now spread the knowledge of force-free training to students around the globe!

The new online course is perfect for new puppies, rescue dogs or even older pets that might just need some boning up on their obedience skills and is ideal for the pet owner that is new to training. The program is broken down into 3 main sections (26 lectures/videos) and offers 2.5 hours of training videos and course material. The 1st section deals with everything you need to know to get started training your dog including info on practice sessions, motivators, secondary reinforcers and more. The 2nd section breaks down all your obedience skills and the 3rd bonus section includes impulse control games and dealing with common household bad habits.

At the end of each section you have a short quiz on the information and if you complete all the portions you can earn a Certificate of Completion at the end. One of the best features is there is a Q&A section where you can ask questions and have them answered by me at any time and you also have unlimited access to all the training materials in the course forever! Are you sold yet?!

The base price of the course is $99.99 but one of the reasons we partnered with Udemy is that they offer AMAZING deals on some of the thousands of classes they offer, including ours, for sometimes as low as $10!!!

We really hope you will check out our brand new online course today and share it with all your friends. If this course is received well, we hope to add other online courses in the future.

To start things off with a bang we have a special coupon available for all new students. Use the link below and sign up for the class now for only $15.99! (Sale ends 4/30/19) and hurry, there are a limited amount of coupons available!

I hope to hear from you all soon!

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