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Do you have a new puppy? Raising a puppy can be a lot of work, especially if it is all new territory for you! Potty training, play biting, introducing other household pets, vet visits, socialization… the list goes on and on with all the tasks you have to help your puppy develop into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dog. And I think it helps to see that even the best trainers in the world have to deal with the same trials of puppyhood.
Luckily, we have just the thing to help you out with your journey with your new puppy! Follow our very own trainer, Kim Mayes, and her journey with her new Siberian Husky puppy, Spirit, on our YouTube page. Kim will be sharing lots of training tips and successes that help her develop her dogs into not only well-behaved family dogs, but also world-class performance dogs! And are you ready to be impressed? Young Spirit has already achieved the title of Champion Trick Dog at only 14 weeks old!

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