New Book Coming in January 2022!

Coming Soon!!!

I’m so excited to announce that my new book titled “Obedience Game Changers” is in it’s final proofing stages and is set to be released in January 2022! The new book is chocked full of games to help improve your obedience skills and includes an entire section of fun ideas on how to get other family members involved in the daily training process. The book is designed a little differently than my past books. It is being printed in a smaller size paperback and in black and white inside to keep the printing costs down. I wanted this book to be an easy grab for any pet owner to help learn how fun obedience training can be, how you can get great training results from the comfort of your own home and spice up daily obedience practices to keep both owners and dogs engaged. I also wanted to supply resources for those that feel like they are alone in training the family pet, with some creative ideas on how to get every family member from young to old, involved in daily practices. Other dog training professionals can benefit from this book as well, as many games are marked with a special “Group Play” designation, where they are easily broken down into how you can add them to a group class, event or party situation with multiple dog/handler teams. I will give you updates as they come along. The book will be available on right away and currently it looks like the price point will be $11.95…what a deal!

UPDATE 1-21-2022: The new book is officially published and will be available on Within the week. Those that pre-ordered signed copies should receive those by mid-February, as I have to wait until my shipment arrives from the publisher, sign them and then turn around and send them out to you, so the process is a tad longer. And stay tuned… the book will soon be available from more distributers and an ebook is in the works as well. Again, thank you so much for all your support everybody!!!

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