New Animal Actors Class!!

Those of you that know me, know how much I love the world of animal acting, dog modeling and performance with my own personal dogs. That is why I am soooo excited to offer this brand new class to anyone who might have the interest of doing this with their own dog.

In anticipation of the new Animal Actors certification testing due to be released in January 2022, we are offering a brand new class to help you prepare your dog for the criteria needed to get your dog into the animal acting business! Learn the ins and outs of the business so you are prepared to be a pro on set!

This 6-week class will prepare you for all the things you need to get your pet ready for the socialization and set skills needed to make it on the big screen. Let us help you get your animal trained, certified and listed with animal acting agencies!

This comprehensive, fun and engaging class breaks down the criteria needed to pass the 5 levels of certification which are described as Photo Shoot, Actor, Film, Leading Role and Professional. Each level of training breaks down the socialization, behaviors, common cues and movements and how to emote with the camera and actors. We will also help you with the process of how to submit your video and photo criteria needed to pass each level when certification opens in January as well as portions on common items needed to get your dog “Out there” such as their resume, headshots, heroshots, and so much more!

If you want to be a part of our next class, you can get enrolled now by clicking this link.

To stay up-to-date on all the activity regarding the Animal Actors program, be sure to visit the Do More With Your Dog website.

Please Note: This is purely a prep class to get you ready for your certifications. There is a cost with the Do More With Your Dog program when you submit your certification for each level completed.

I can’t wait to share this exciting new class with you all!

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