Currently, we are serving the cities of North and Central Brevard for in-home training including the cities of Titusville, Port St. John, Mims, Cocoa and Rockledge.

All In-Home visits will begin with an initial consult. This typically lasts about 1 hr 30 min. During the initial consult we will get to know you and your dog, see what training goals you have and begin your initial training. We will also discuss the number of follow up sessions and determine what will work for you to attain your training goals.

Initial In-Home Consult: $120

Follow-up Sessions: $80

Some of the Things You might consider doing in-home training for:

Puppy Training: Early Socialization Skills, Potty Training, Play Biting, Crate Training, Handling Skills, Adjusting to Rules of there new home

Obedience Training: Stay, Recalls, Loose-Leash Walking, Leave-It, Basic Behavior and Manners in the home

Dog Behavior Issues: Fear and Anxiety with people, sounds, dogs, etc., Separation Anxiety, Dog-Dog Aggression, Doorbell barking, Jumping on guests, Reactivity on walks, etc.

Fun and Games: Trick Training, Nosework training, help with dog sport fundamentals, etc.