I love the opportunity to spotlight all the wonderful different kinds of dogs in the world. So what better way to do that than to offer deep discounts for our photo shoots!

Each month we will be featuring a particular “type” of dog. It could be a breed, a color, an age…who knows! Each month, if you book a session for your dog that fits into that category, you will receive $50 OFF any of our shoot packages. Pretty awesome, huh?! In addition, those owners will be entered in our monthly drawing for a special photo prize to go along with your photo shoot!

To kick things off, last month we put the call out on all our social media platforms for which dog should be featured during our first month of August. We asked and you came through, so the special dog to be featured for the month of August is… drum roll please…


Big Doodle, Small Doodle, there are a ton of these popular mixes being bred these days. If you have a poodle mix then this is your month! Let us show off your unique pet through some magical pictures!

And the rest of you, be sure to stay tuned in the months ahead for our future “Dog of the Month” picks. Head on over to our Facebook page and give us a LIKE there, as this is where I always post the most up-to-date information.

Until the next post, hug your pets everyone!

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