Dog Expert Writer for!

You might be thinking…Why are your blog posts so scarce lately Kim?
Well, other than running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off most of the time, the big reason is that I have been honored by, to be one of their Dog Expert Bloggers!
This is such a fantastic platform, as is the online leader for content in all things related to dogs! (From their Homepage) Each piece is written only by dog owners and dog experts with significant experience training and caring for dogs. Each post goes through a strict editorial process and is carefully fact-checked before they hit publish.

They publish research-backed dog training guides, advice on how to take care of your dog, dog product reviews, breed information guides and more. If you have a question related to dogs, chances are you will find the answer on this site. If not, let us know and we will be sure to answer it. is an advocate for responsible dog ownership and seeks to build a global community of informed and caring dog owners.

I have been very excited about this new way to reach even more people and help them with their dog training needs.

Here are a few links to recent articles I have written for them. Be sure to check them out and of course, stay tuned for new ones to come!

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