**Be sure to check out our SHOP page for the most up-to-date information on all our class offerings including virtual, private and group options.**

No matter what age your dog is or the individual challenges you or your pet have, there is a Rockin’ Dawgs training class perfect to meet your needs.
All dogs must show proof of up-to-date vaccinations or titer testing to attending as well as complete the enrollment form when you are ready to sign up. Please visit our online SHOP to see all the latest start dates/times, descriptions, prices, etc on the following classes, as well as some of our amazing package deals, private class offerings and more!

Rockin’ Dawgs 6-week Courses:

Rockin’ Dawgs ” Sniff It Out” 4-week Courses:

Our newest “Sniff It Out” Series of classes gives you just a taste of each canine specialty in just 4 easy weeks. Enough to get your feet wet in a new area of training!

In addition to our group training classes, Rockin’ Dawgs also offers a wide variety of seminars, workshops and great package deals each month. Workshops are great for training when you want an introduction to a new skill or need to brush up on some basic skills. Our workshops cover many different subjects… everything from Potty Training, to basic obedience skills to specialized dog sports and more. Be sure to visit our SHOP to see the latest that Rockin’ Dawgs has to offer. Please Note: Not all classes are offered year round. 

If group meetings aren’t for you, we also offer Private Tutoring options and Virtual Training options. You can also find out more information about these in the SHOP.

Still not sure what the best fit might be for your dog? Check out this questionnaire of things to take into consideration when choosing where to start!

We look forward to seeing you and your dog in the class that’s perfect for you! Sign up today!

Class Refund Policies:

We rarely have situations where you might need to cancel or return a class since you have the option to complete your training at any time throughout the year, however sometimes these situations occur, so here is our current refund policy on training classes:

  1. Since we now have the capabilities to offer classes through not only group or private settings but also through online virtual classes which you can take advantage of no matter where you are in the world, we will no longer be offering any  returns on training classes, this includes packages too, once you have started your training.

 2.  You do have up to 30 days from once payment has been received to be refunded, if you have not attended any classes yet or your start date originally picked has not started yet (which ever comes first).

3. There will be no returns for our Virtual Training Classes.

4. You have one full year from date of purchase to take advantage of a training class you signed up for, but could not attend the original date chosen for some reason. You may opt to do private, online or virtual classes instead of a group class if times do not work for you*. (Keep in mind, there are price differences between these types of classes)

5. We take No Call-No Shows very seriously. We do not offer any refunds if you do not call ahead of time and let your trainer know you will not be there. Your trainer is dedicating their time to YOUR pet, so please be respectful and let us know ahead of time if you cannot make it to your scheduled class time.

6. Excessive cancellation of scheduled appointments (3 times), and our no refund policy will be implemented. An additional $25 fee will be charged if you want to continue any private lessons, to ensure compliance in your attendance.