Check Out Our New Workshops!

Each month Rockin’ Dawgs will be holding a variety of different workshops. Workshops are typically 1-2 hour classes focusing on a particular subject. We have some amazing ones already set up, and as the months go on we plan on adding many more options.

We have a range of topics that will be covered in our workshops throughout the year. Some examples are:

  • Obedience skills such as our Rock Solid Stays and Rapid Recall Workshops,
  • Special subjects for puppies such as Potty Training,
  • Tools of the trade…workshops on Clicker Training, Platform Training, etc.
  • Introductions to Dog Sports…Trick Training, Rally Free, Nosework, and the list goes on!

The workshop setup is great for older dogs that might need some refreshers on basic skills, busy families who have a hard time committing to 6 week sessions or owners who are interested in learning more about a variety of subjects in the dog world and experimenting with different types of training to expand their dog’s skills and learning more about what their dog finds interest in and/or excels at.

The best part…our workshops are very reasonably priced. Most running from $20-$40, depending on subject and duration of the workshop!

Go to our SHOP now and see what workshops have already been added to the January/February 2016 schedule.

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