Lick Shots!

Ever wonder how to get those adorable pictures of dogs that seem to be licking the camera? It’s actually pretty simple, especially if you have a dog that loves food and with a little practice, you can get some really cute pictures. Recently I experimented with the Rockin’ Dawgs crew on these photos. What works, […]

Digging Problems?

Digging is one of those bad habits that we just can’t get away from. As with most unwanted behaviors such as barking, jumping, play biting, etc., Digging is a natural behavior that all dogs do to a certain extent. While some may be more prone or enioy the process of digging more than others, all […]

5 Tips to Successful Potty Training!

5 Tips to Successful Potty Training! This time of year, many cute little furry balls of fluff find their ways under the Christmas tree. Potty training is one of those things, that if you get a puppy, you just have to go through it. Puppies don’t understand that there is just one single place that […]

5 Tips to Crate Training Success!

5 Tips to Crate Training Success! Crate or kennel training can be an invaluable tool throughout your dog’s life. Many people think the use of a crate as helpful when they are potty training a puppy or to keep a young dog from destroying your house, but it is so much more than that! Do […]

Quick Tips for Loose-Leash Walking!

Do you have a dog that drags you around everywhere you go? Are you the last thing your dog even thinks about paying attention to when you go for your daily walks? For some owners, mastering the art of a loose-leash walk is sometimes the most daunting of tasks, but if you follow these few […]