• August 2022 Dog of the Month!

    August 2022 Dog of the Month!

    I love the opportunity to spotlight all the wonderful different kinds of dogs in the world. So what better way to do that than to offer deep discounts for our photo shoots! Each month we will be featuring a particular “type” of dog. It could be a breed, a color, an age…who knows! Each month, […]

  • Lick Shots!

    Lick Shots!

    Ever wonder how to get those adorable pictures of dogs that seem to be licking the camera? It’s actually pretty simple, especially if you have a dog that loves food and with a little practice, you can get some really cute pictures. Recently I experimented with the Rockin’ Dawgs crew on these photos. What works, […]

  • Creating Silhouette Photos

    Creating Silhouette Photos

    A silhouette photo is when the subject is completely dark against a brighter background. It can be a wonderful addition to any photo book or wall decor and can be a great way to emphasize a beautiful landscape or scenery behind your subject. Silhouette photos seem to bring an air of mystery and can have […]