Assistance Dog Training

Rockin’ Dawgs is a recognized evaluator for The Foundation for Service Dog Support, Inc.

This program is designed to assist clients who choose to privately train their dogs instead of sending them away to a facility. We evaluate the team to obtain certification through a credible service dog training program. Though not required by law, team certification is beneficial in many cases of privately trained animals. It is illegal to promote your dog as a trained service animal. If something was to happen while you were with this dog in a public area, you would be held accountable. Certification proves, in fact, that your dog is truly a trained service animal.

At Rockin’ Dawgs we not only provide the Certification Skills Test through FSDS but we also provide the many levels of training classes required to pass. All teams are required to submit an application for acceptance, successfully complete a service dog orientation class, and pass their skills test evaluations.

Here is a small list of what the dogs are required to achieve:

  1. Perform at least 3 discernible service related tasks to mitigate the disability of the handler
  2. Obey commands on 1st attempt at least 90% of the time, except in cases of intelligent disobedience
  3. Maintain a good heel on leash, harness, Halti or Gentle Leader
  4. Lie quietly beside the handler or under a seat without creating an obstacle for others
  5. Urinate or defecate only in appropriate designated places
  6. Not solicit attention from strangers
  7. Be able to work quietly in public without barking, whining or otherwise creating a distraction
  8. Not growl, snarl or demonstrate any aggression towards people or other dogs
  9. Not solicit or steal food items from the general public

If you would like to see more information or the specific testing requirements on the Skills test please go to the FSDS website at

**Please Note: While the Rockin’ Dawgs facility promotes equality to all breeds of dogs, at this time we are unable to certify the following breeds as service dogs, due to insurance issues from FSDS. We apologize for this and hope that we can make a change of this law in the future.


*Pit Bull

*Doberman Pinscher

*Staffordshire Terrier

There are no exceptions to this rule

If you would like more information on how to get started in our Assistance Dog Programs at Rockin’ Dawgs, including how to get started, costs, etc. please email Kim Mayes at